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Sketching in nature with your non-dominant hand to boost creativity and brainpower

‘The world is but a canvas to our imagination’ Henry David Thoreau

Next time you’re looking for inspiration and ways to open your creative mind, try stepping into nature and drawing a leaf using your non-dominant hand, without lifting your pencil off the piece of paper!


This simple exercise is so good for us in so many different ways. It:

  • Improves your creativity because you’ll be less precise and more spontaneous.

  • Encourages innovative thinking.

  • Increases concentration and mindfulness

  • Often results in different, sometimes unexpected artistic outcomes, offering new perspectives and insights into your work

  • Reduces perfectionism and encourages a more relaxed and exploratory approach to drawing.

  • Engages both hemispheres of the brain, supporting overall cognitive health.


Nature is full of beautiful leaves at this time of year, each with their own unique patterns, known as fractals in nature and perfect for drawing.  As a nature guide for a charity called ‘Dose of Nature’ I visit all sorts of wonderful green spaces with my clients in the Surrey Hills.  On one of my visits last week, we went to The University of Surrey and came across a huge plant that resembled giant rhubarb, called Gunnera, full of fractal geometry and perfect for drawing!


Where will you visit to collect leaves for your non-dominant hand drawing?

Feeling inspired? Join me and Jo Slessor, a lovely Creative Wellbeing Coach, for a day of creative art projects in nature on Saturday 29th June (no artistic talent required). Find out more and sign up here by clicking the button below.


If you are curious to learn more about me and my work, click here to find out more and to get in touch.


Did you enjoy this blog? Come back next week for more nature inspired wellness ideas!

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